WOOLADDICTS #1 Herbst / WinterLang Yarns

We don’t share the notion that doing handicrafts will automatically bring wellness and relaxation. But if it does for you – congrats! BUT, crafting is hard work. You won’t get your stylish piece by just putting it into a digital shopping cart and receiving a package a few days later. Or moaning about the fact you have to wait for a changing room in a shop. Crafting is for badasses. You need patience, sweat and all your heart. Purchase your project wisely, it will be with you for a while, closer than any garment you’ve ever bought. What you get is your unique piece, which you wear with pride. Mistakes in your stitches will keep you awake until you’ve fixed them. That’s the perfection we feel about WOOLADDICTS. We offer you the most perfect raw material for your thing. The rest depends on you.
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